ABOUT This Background -says "The United States is not suitable as the stage of the Olympic Games........"

I must say first, there is no political meaning!
I've added this on Feb.14th 2002 during SLC games. Some of SLC 2002 games offended me. But I accepted all of results at this games.

However, This is not accepted, NEVER. This shameful Questionnaire of the SLC 2002 OFFICIAL WEBSITE (NOT GGMB!) made this background with my rage. The SLC official who should keep the honor of athletes does not protect it, and their priority is given to a NBC televiewer's amusement. And I want to know not the result of a popularity vote, but the TRUE RESULT of the game!

Because of them, as a fan of sports, I must say that "The United State is not suitable as the stage of the Olympic Games........".

Webmaster SATO Takeo